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I want to thank everyone who worked with me, campaigned for me, contributed to the campaign, and participated in my run for TN General Assembly by phone calling, door knocking, donating, hosting parties, and talking with friends. We accomplished so much! While we didn’t win this particular inning, we played well, gave voters a legitimate choice at the polls, and most of all we practiced and actively participated in the long game of democracy. I hope we’ll be playing for many, many years to come.

We have so much to be proud of. All our work resulted in record levels of voter turnout and volunteer participation in Blount County. We did that by coming out and sharing our stories, values, and beliefs, which led us to finding each other. Once we got connected, we got to work–honing rusty skills and learning and building new ones. Our campaign team included octogenarians and teenagers. We built on wisdom and adapted to new times. Our interns learned and then led. We took the conversation to the community, we met people out in public spaces, at forums and on front porches. We didn’t always agree, but we met folks outside the social media bubble. We generated interest, excitement, and hope, and made some new allies along the way.

We didn’t win a stint in Nashville. But together we reclaimed neglected soil and we broke some new ground.  What’s called for now is constant cultivation of these relationships and skills. We’re going to stay connected and continue having these conversations all the way through 2020 and beyond. We still can and will make our voices heard in Nashville.

Here’s how we do this: keep following on social media. We’re transitioning into following the General Assembly and providing updates on legislation and actions taken. State government news is vastly underreported, and we want to use our newfound connections to make sure we not only stay informed about what’s going on, but stay active together to make sure our state legislators know they’re expected to fairly represent all constituents, not just their big donors.

Stay tuned, keep watching these pages, and plan on staying active in 2019 and beyond! This campaign has always been about working together to make a difference, and that hasn’t changed.

*We won’t be checking emails regularly but look for updates on the Facebook page HERE

Meet Susan Sneed

Refusing to have difficult conversations at the state level has cost Tennesseans. While the General Assembly spends time and energy playing politics and legislating trivia, I’m running for State House so I can facilitate some hard conversations–conversations about healthcare, jobs, education, and the environment. We must have these difficult, even unpleasant, conversations if we’re ever going to find effective solutions for ourselves and our neighbors.

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Make your voice heard, starting with the Primary on Tuesday, Aug. 2 (Early Voting: July 13-28). The General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6 (Early voting: October 17-November 1). The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018.